Hand Lettering Challenge!

I have wanted to improve my hand writing for many years. Why? It’s atrocious! I make cards regularly, and the one thing that lets me down is my hand written message 😦 This is especially humiliating since my mother is an extremely gifted Calligrapher. I should know better right?! Maybe I didn’t get the calligraphy gene, or maybe I just didn’t try hard enough to learn. Either way I am determined to change this! So I am challenging myself to practice hand lettering for 1 hour every week for 12 weeks to see if I can improve.

Currently I am gathering samples for inspiration with a plan to begin practice next week. From then until the end of the challenge, every Friday will be ‘Hand Lettering Day’. I will post pictures of the source and my progress both here and on Instagram. Subscribe to this blog, or follow Menagerie Stamps on Instagram to see what progress I make over the 12 weeks. Even better yet, join me! Improve your own hand writing by dedicating just 1 hour per week to some lettering exercises. Then post a picture of your results and tag Menagerie Stamps! We are on Twitter as well 😉


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