Our Current Range

Menagerie Stamps currently has 8 stamp sets available for purchase. You can see more pictures on our Instagram page. And you can purchase here.

Stamp Set 1: Build-A-Monster

This set is a build-a-stamp set with an incredible 31 stamps! That’s right, THIRTY-ONE stamps in the one set! This includes 5 bodies, 4 mouths, and 7 limbs plus eyes, ears, noses, antennae, horns and more so you can create your own unique monster. In fact, with all the possible combinations, you can create infinite one-of-a-kind beasties to make your next project truly special. This set interacts with the Out Of This World set




Stamp Set 2: Build-A-Pony

This set is a build-a-stamp set with an amazing 24 stamps! It features one stylised pony body that is ready to be fully customised. There are 3 manes, 3 tails, a bridle, a saddle, and a range of decorations including 2 different wings so you can make your own Pegasus, and a unicorn horn.


Stamp Set 3: Succulents

This set has 3 large stamps, 1 medium stamp and an elegant sentiment. The 4 succulents have thicker lines, designed specifically to facilitate colouring with liquid media such as watercolour or copic markers.





Stamp Set 4: Koi Pond

This set features 12 stamps including 8 solid stamps for use with coloured ink pads, and 4 outline-only images: 2 koi fish, a frog and a lily flower. The solid stamps include everything you need to make a pond scene: rocks for the bottom of the pool, lily pads and even tadpoles.




Stamp Set 5: Gumball

This set has coordinating dies that allow you to create a gumball machine with moving parts! It includes a large sentiment, a bunch of smaller sentiments, eight adorable emojis with accessories including kawaii blush, gumball machine, and both the outline and solid gumball circles.




Stamp Set 6: Out Of This World

This is a space-themed set perfect for creating an outter-space scene. It features 19 stamps including a sentiment, planets, stars, asteroids, comet/shooting star, alien spaceship and rocket. The spaceship is designed to coordinate with the Build-A-Monster stamp set allowing you to stamp your own unique alien creation into the cockpit.




Stamp Set 7: Sweet Delight

This delicious set has 21 sweet-themed stamps. You can create your own custom cupcake or donut with different toppings and decorations. There is also a cookie, marshmallow, chocolate, lollipop, and wrapped sweets.






Stamp Set 8: The Ultimate Sports Pack Stamps

This 19 stamp set is going to be in a 3 part Ultimate Collection Set that will include accessories for 18+ sports. The stamp set includes a sentiment plus stamps to cover 15 sports: soccer, basketball, pool, football (AFL), rugby, bowling, volleyball, netball, boxing, swimming, running, tennis, cricket, softball and baseball. There will be a matching die set to cut out every image in the stamp set, plus a coordinating die set that will include gold clubs, hockey stick, baseball/softball bat, table tennis bat and a trophy.