The Team

Introducing the Menagerie Stamps Team!

Creator and Lead Designer: Meg

Meg is 25, lives in outback Australia, and has been passionate about stamping since just 5 years of age. She designs all of Menagerie Stamps products, demos, tutorials etc, and helms all Menagerie Stamp’s social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blog) and other websites (Etsy & eBay).

Family: Meg has 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister.

Favourite colour: chartreuse. Or periwinkle. Or coral.

Quality Control Inspector: Merlin

Merlin is a connoisseur of the finer things; he will only accept the best. As such, every Menagerie Stamp product must past inspection by this small but thorough quality control officer. Only when it meets his exacting standards does anything become available to you, the public.

Family: Merlin is a Netherland Dwarf (the smallest rabbit breed in the world!). His mum is a Siamese Sable doe named Flip, his dad, an agouti buck named Olaf. He has 2 biological brothers and 2 adopted brothers Jack and Charlie (see below).

Favourite food: baby rocket (see? Only the finest)

Favourite colour: grass green? No. Hay yellow. Is food a colour?

Here is Merlin with his brothers!


Head of Security: Charlie

Don’t be fooled by his small stature, Charlie is a powerhouse in the home-protection business. With a mix of Dachshund, Jack Russell and Fox Terrier, Charlie has the energy and bravado to take on anything, and I mean ANYTHING. The postman, the neighbour’s German Shepherd, and the doorbell are some of his favourite foes. He works tirelessly to ensure the Menagerie Stamps craft stash remains secure.

Favourite food: a bone. The smellier the better.


Here is Charlie guarding the front door, waiting for a vital package delivery


Security Advisor: Jack

Jack is…part Jack Russell? Part West Highland Terrier? We don’t exactly know…but one thing is for sure, if there’s something going on in the neighbourhood, Jack knows about it. Unlike his much brasher brother Charlie, Jack is the master of the silent sneak. He can creep up behind anyone, and frequently does. While Charlie works the day shift, Jack takes nights, patrolling the perimeter to ensure Menagerie Stamps supplies are safe from dusk till dawn.

Favourite food: anything snuck secretly without Charlie knowing


Here you can see Jack and Charlie on double duty

Consultant Designer and Calligraphy Master: Julie

The team sees Julie as a mother figure. Perhaps because…well…she is our mother! She is a fully qualified Graphic Designer and has been practising calligraphy for over 30 years! As such, she is Menagerie Stamps official consultant on all things design, particularly in regards to fonts.